The Road Dust Institute (RDI) would like to welcome you to our new website.  First conceptualized in 2008, RDI has continued to evolve with input and support from its' founding partners and Federal Lands Highway of FHWA.  Today, RDI is ready to assist industry, local governments, and private landowners with design, maintenance and dust control needs on our nation's unpaved roads.


RDI Webinar Announcement

The Road Dust Institute develops practical training courses on the use of chemical treatments in unpaved road management and presents this training on a national basis. Training is offered through both on-site and web-based courses. In May we began a series of webinars. View our upcoming webinars with brief descriptions here.

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Providing Resources to Manage Road Dust

There are millions of miles of unsealed roads around the world which are managed by a wide assortment of national, state, and local authorities as well as private entities. Unacceptable levels of dust, poor riding quality, and impassability in wet weather are experienced on much of this global unsealed road network. Although it is acknowledged that these roads are fundamental to the economies of almost every country in the world, many of the management practices followed leave much to be desired, with programs for dust control, chemical stabilization, low-cost upgrading, etc., largely overlooked.

In recognition of this, the Road Dust Institute has been developed to…”provide tools to manage dust on transportation facilities through research, education and technology transfer thereby supporting improvements in health, safety, mobility, environmental sustainability and livability. RDI's unique knowledge, experience and capabilities provides for collaboration, partnering and consolidation of resources to address the needs of industry, government and other stakeholders to reduce the impacts of dust.”

We are a group of organizations dedicated to all things related to road dust management and research. Currently we are composed of the Western Transportation Institute at Montana State University, University of Alaska, Fairbanks–University Transportation Center, Federal Highway Administration-Central Federal Lands Highway Division, University of Nevada–Las Vegas and University of California–Davis Pavement Research Center. We are always looking for new members!

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